Introducing The Falak Unreasonable Entrepreneur Weekend!

Supported by Tamkeen

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TBD, Bahrain/KSA

The workshop

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Two Days of Extreme Learning
22 - 23 Nov 2019
08:00 am
From the desk of Suhail Algosaibi, Founder, Falak Consulting.
“Extraordinary New Entrepreneurship ‘Deep Dive’ Workshop Reveals All The Amazing Secrets to Starting, Leading, Marketing and Growing an Extraordinary Business.”













Dear friend and fellow entrepreneur,

WARNING! This is no ordinary entrepreneurship workshop – and it’s not for ordinary people.

If any of the following describes you then stop reading and leave this website right now!This is not for you.

  • You are not ambitious.

  • You are not willing to work extremely hard.

  • You do not have a burning desire to learn and to succeed.

  • You are undisciplined and cannot wake up early in the morning.

  • You have a victim-mentality and blame others.

  • You attend many courses and workshops to collect certificates and never implement anything. 


… You are determined

… Have an unquenchable thirst for learning

… Are willing to work hard

… Be pushed WAY out of your comfort zone

… Are disciplined and proactive

… Are a doer and implementor

… Are willing to share, contribute and help others


Then this workshop is most definitely for you. 

Listen, this workshop is so much more than your typical course that just teaches the Business Model Canvas and how to pitch to investors.  This is a Deep Dive immersion retreat for Unreasonable Thinkers that gets to the core of what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur.  The workshop is being facilitated by an experienced entrepreneur who knows what it’s like to succeed and fail; an entrepreneur who’s experienced the glory of receiving recognition and awards, and the pain and humiliation of having to shut down his beloved startup; an entrepreneur who has the battle scars and thrives on challenges and knows how to keep grinding! It is not run by an inexperienced speaker or “coach” who’s never gone through the reality of building and running a real business.

Sound interesting?  Then keep reading…

What will you learn?

We will use multiple teaching modalities to impart both the hard and soft skills needed to be an extraordinary entrepreneur.  Here’s what you’ll learn:

•    How to think like an entrepreneur and develop the “unreasonable mindset.”

•    How to value your business and raise funds.

•    Little-known leadership secrets that will make your employees want to follow you.

•    Pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when it comes to giving away equity in your business.

•    The three - and only three - ways a business can increase revenue. 

•    Unreasonable marketing methods to help grow and scale your business.

•    How to develop your higher-purpose and construct your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).

•    What is the “Falakonian Way” and how to apply it to your business.

•    How to develop the skills of extraordinary CEO’s.

•    The A-method for hiring employees.

•    How to handle failure. 

•    Busting the myth of the work-life balance (and what you should do instead).

•    How to decide on what business to start and identify potential growth markets.

•    How to pivot your business.

•    Innovation secrets that ensure you’re not the one being disrupted.

•    That one secrets all successful entrepreneurs have in common (it’s not money).

•    Success lessons from Wes Wexner, billionaire founder of Victoria’s Secret.

•    The concept of the marketing squid.

•    Personal marketing examples that go back to the early 2000’s!

•    How to develop a superior customer experience process for your business.

•    How to inspire team member loyalty.

•    Selling secrets of the masters.

•    And much more!

Who can attend the workshop?

This intense workshop is for business owners or people who are planning to start their own business.  You must be 18 years or older, willing to stay over night and attend the entire two days. An absolute maximum of 40 attendees will be accepted!

When and where is it?

The Unreasonable Entrepreneur Weekend workshop will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2019, from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm at the Downtown Rotana, Bahrain.  We start early on Friday the 22nd and continue late into the night. Your registration includes a single room stay at the hotel (please note all attendees must stay at the hotel).


Who will teach the workshop?

My name is Suhail Algosaibi and I'm the Founder of Falak Consulting, a values-based, purpose-driven strategy and innovation consultancy. The workshop will be facilitated by me.  Yes, I have multiple degrees in business and have attended courses in Harvard and MIT, but what really qualifies me to run this retreat is that I’ve started several businesses over the last 15 years.  I know the glory of success and the pain and humiliation of failure.  I’ve seen it all.

I’m a voracious reader and life-long learner.  I’ve travelled all over the globe to learn from the top business gurus around the world, including a 30+ hour 12,309 Km trip to attend a weekend direct marketing course in the remote mountains of Colorado. Also, I’ve read over 500 books in my adult life, most of them in the fields of business, entrepreneurship and marketing.  I must have easily spent over BD 20,000 on home-education courses. 

Why am I telling you this?  Because for the first time ever, I will reveal everything I’ve learnt when it comes to entrepreneurship.  I will hold nothing back.  I’ll be teaching everything I know!  Plain and simple.  Consider this weekend retreat your mini-MBA in entrepreneurship.  If you’re serious about entrepreneurship, then do not miss this workshop!

 More experts…

In addition to me teaching you and giving you my first-had experience, you’ll also gain from the vast experience of my partners. One partner, Maniza Dewan, is probably Bahrain’s foremost expert on strategy, and has advised multi-billion dollar companies in the region and around world.   My other partner, Jitender Shekhawat is a finance-wizard who has vast experience in structuring complex deals including the ones Falak is currently working on, which are worth over BD 50 million.

In addition, you’ll be hearing from a panel of experienced entrepreneurs who have started varied and diversified businesses over the last couple of decades. I doubt you’ll find a more valuable course anywhere in Bahrain. 

The price

As you can imagine, the price of a course like this would be at least BD 500 per person, but thanks to Tamkeen’s support, the price is just BD 99 per person! (Register before the 10th of November and the price is further reduced to just BD 75!!)  Yes, you read that correctly, instead of costing you BD 500, the price is reduced to just BD 99 (or even BD 75 if you register before the 10th of November).  But you must hurry and register now, as we’ll only accept 35 applicants.  Remember, this includes a one-night stay at the Downtown Rotana hotel (all attendees must stay Friday night the 22nd of November).



So, if you’re an eager entrepreneur who wants to take his or her business to the next level, or are planning to start soon, then register today.  Remember, places are limited and once we reach 40 registrants we will close registration immediately.


I look forward to seeing you soon.


Dedicated to your success,


Suhail G. Algosaibi